25 Bedford Song Books left for sale!



25 Bedford Song Books left for sale!


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30 Choir members, 9 Song writers, 9 Illustrators and 1 Lone Morris came together to launch The Bedford Song Book at the Harpur Suite on the 29th of November 2015 in a celebration of exceptional local talent.


Local musicians and artists created their piece de resistance, a brilliant collaboration of musical composition and illustration, the limited edition The Bedford Song Book. With only 100 copies produced and only 25 left, this remarkable collection of 9 songs was launched in melodic style. The creative showcase had the book’s songwriters performing unique versions of each other’s songs with the Bedford Arts Choir performing choral versions of the Song Book arranged by Roger Illingworth. The event also featured the elusive ‘Lone Morris’ in an exclusive guest performance.


Inspired by the artistic community, we wanted Bedford to have a record of the skill, professionalism and talent that exists in their community. The book recognises and embraces the folk values of arts and culture that are generated by and belong to us.

The musicians and artists paired together are;
Rebecca de Winter and Emily Ross
Betty Frances and Kristian Purcell
Jack Sharp and Scarlett Tierney
Johnny Parry and Katie Allen
Grubby Mitts (Andy Holden)and Katie Allen
Martyn Shouler and Simon Abbott
Simon Gutteridge and Assim Heetun
Davy Willis and David Litchfield
Christian Webb and Kristina Bullen
The Cover Illustration was created by Marisa Straccia

Both the illustrators and musicians are excited about the book, illustrator Kristina Bullen said “Using music as a stimulus was a really exciting way of working and the end result is beautiful” and musicians Jack Sharp and Simon Gutteridge, who each wrote songs for the book added “The book and concert are fantastically inclusive…It’s such a great legacy”.

The book costs £30 and you can buy it online here  or in store at The Music Centre, Rogan Books and The Higgins

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