123CREATE: Bedford Creative Art’s new community space



123CREATE: Bedford Creative Art’s new community space


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21st January 2012 saw the launch of 123CREATE, Bedford Creative Arts’ new creative space for local people to meet and take part in community programmes of arts, music and food culture. The launch started at Bedford Creative Arts HQ at 104 Midland Road with hot food, music and dance, before members of 123CREATE’s weekly youth group led the way to 123 Midland Road to open and celebrate the new space.

Another group who will be using the space regularly is Infinite 29, working with our own Creativity and Wellbeing Activist Jackie Haddock. Infinite 29 member David Holloway tells us more:

Infinite 29 is a group of like minded individuals who come together in a group setting to be creative. There are infinite ways in which one can express oneself, and through a shared respect and with compassion for one another the group harnesses and describes the human experience through poetry, music, painting etc.

Being part of Infinite 29 is rewarding and it helps to break down barriers. We share our creativity with a value system of care, respect and inclusivity. Each person contributes in a supportive manner, regardless of religion, ethnicity or political point of view. Everybody is accepted because we share a common belief in wellbeing through creative experience.

My experience of Infinite 29 has helped me with confidence and artistic expression. Jacqueline Haddock works as the coordinator of Infinite 29. She has guided the group in a forward direction, liaising with other organisations and keeping the members informed of current news and events whilst providing a positive incentive and motivation for our art.

Art is a tool used to bring people together and Bedford Creative Arts is an organisation that works in collaboration with artists and the community and offers guidance through services, and funding for art commissions. The staff at BCA are inspirational and valuable and offer a valued service that provides opportunities to help an artist develop.

An exhibition of Infinite29’s work recently took place at the launch of 123 CREATE. The exhibition had a positive reception, with a large selection of the community expressing approval for the group and the art on display. The launch was a fabulous opportunity to promote the new workshops that Infinite29 will run every Wednesday afternoon at 123 CREATE, starting from February 2012, and will include activities such as phonetography, painting, textiles and so much more.

The current theme for BCA is providing an experience of the history of lace making which has been a part of historical Bedford and Infinite29 will also be using lace as an inspiration and will be working alongside BCA’s commissioned artists to be inspired and produce new work. 2012 has just begun, so don’t be afraid to try something new. To get involved with the workshops please get in touch and learn that art can be expressed in Infinite ways. Please check out our website www.infinite29.com

David Holloway

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