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05/06/2017 - 06/06/2017


Innovative new dance show invites you to question how technology shapes our world and sense of self. Booking open.

10/06/2017 - 11/06/2017


Looking out over Bedford’s skyline, contemplate the town’s future through the eyes of a child. Booking open.

19:00 - 21:00

Creative Bedfordshire June

Hear from creative and cultural guest speakers

15:00 - 17:00

Different Pasts, Shared Futures

Different Pasts, Shared Futures  exhibition at The Higgins Museum, Bedford

19/06/2017 - 02/07/2017

Hear Her Singing

Hear Her Singing, Exhibition at Southbank Centre, London.
With thanks to Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

19/06/2017 - 25/06/2017

Countrywide CD Launch

CD launch of Countrywide, the outcome of a community exchange between Yarl’s Wood detainees and Mind BLMK choir members, with artists Johanne Hudson Lett and Michael Goodney.

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Selfie Slot Car Championship

How can our libraries adapt to changing times? The marketing machine of Formula 1 might not spring to mind but for artist Chris Dobrowolski it was the inspiration behind his new project Selfie Slot Car Championship. Created in early 2016 as part of the Library as Laboratory commission, this project was an experiment in making and marketing in our selfie-obsessed world. The artist invited local families along to workshops at Dunstable Library to make slot-car replicas of their own domestic cars. Then  two weeks later the families returned to the library to race their slot car in a one-day championship. Twenty five cars took part in what proved to be a passionate and hotly contested event. Chris Dobrowolski is an artist, maker, story teller and car enthusiast. He is known for creating homemade life-size vehicles that actually work, such as a hovercraft and an aeroplane. For the Dunstable Library project his inspiration came from an unexpected source. “My approach started with a satirical look at advertising and marketing” says Chris, “and I decided that Formula 1 motor racing sponsorship was probably the most expensive and glamorous form there was. I then tried to find a way to associate this with the not so glamorous context of the library. In my mind creating an alternative championship using the slot car was a way of mirroring the dystopian experience of the world outside we live in,” said Chris. So on a cold half-term week in February 2016, Chris found himself in the Asda car park in Dunstable armed with a mobile phone and selfie stick. “The idea was for people to park their car in the Asda car park next to Dunstable Library and pose inside their car. I then took photos of the whole car – front, bonnet, boot, roof and sides”


Bedford Voices

In March 2015, just two months before the General Election, the town of Bedford saw ten of the its central commercial advertising billboards replaced with hard-hitting political cartoons.


Concerto Magnificent: An Anthology of All Things

The commission was to be an ambitious and new, large-scale work for voice and orchestra, written, composed and performed by volunteers living in Bedford.

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