Clubhouse Night


Event Description

An outdoor cinema experience, Clubhouse style.

A portrait of two streets created by artists Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou and the residents of Chester and Carlisle Roads in Bedford.

For the last year, collaborative duo artist Julie Myers and filmmaker Maria Anastassiou have been working alongside the families from the two streets, creating films and inspiring new resident-led projects. Consisting of workshops and events throughout the year, Clubhouse is set within a thriving multi-cultural community.

We invited you to join us and experience the streets brought to life in unexpected ways, learning from the young residents how their ideas came to life in the project.

Saturday 24 March 2018.







Carlisle Road,
Bedford MK40 4HR,



Julie Myers

Julie Myers makes work in response to people and place. Her work combines traditional techniques such as photography, filmmaking and drawing together with mobile and web technologies. She looks for accessible, everyday ways that people make sense of their environment through memory, personal experience and the representation of story. These concerns have been extended though collaborations with school children, senior citizens, scientists, computer programmers, gardeners, architects, on-line participants and others.


Maria Anastassiou

An award-winning artist filmmaker who is interested in using old and new technology, along with archived images to make her work. Her work is also collaborative, working together with different people and different communities to make new and exciting work that opens up a conversation to explore new ideas.

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Processions Workshops

Join us to make Bedford’s centenary banner artwork for nationwide project PROCESSIONS.

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