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Buy Zolpidem India



Buy Zolpidem India

Elaine is Director of BCA, leading the team of staff, artists and freelancers that enable BCA to manage and deliver a diverse communitybased series of arts projects and activities. Elaine has over ten years of experience in arts development and live event management, working most recently for Cambridge Live as Business Development Director.



Cheap Phentermine

Creative Producer

Annie Bacon

As Creative Producer, Annie leads our social commissioning programme. She has national & international experience in the contemporary visual arts, working at Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Artes Mundi and Wysing Arts Centre. Prior to the arts she worked in communications at Microsoft. She is an active member of The Collective art collecting network.

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youth participation producer

Kayte Judge

Kayte leads on The Culture Challenge supporting schools to work with the creative and cultural sector. With an MSc in Managing Business Creativity and Innovation she cut her teeth in the arts through her community work as a social entrepreneur, running RSA funded grass roots arts projects in empty shops in Bedford.

Buy Soma Online Usa

bedford music in detention producer

Jih-Wen Yeh

Jih-Wen programmes regular workshops in Yarl’s Wood IRC, community exchanges through songwriting, music led cross-artform projects and takes part in Refugee week. She is a producer, with extensive experience in contemporary dance, working nationally and internationally.

Buy Diazepam Australia

Assistant Producer The Culture Challenge

Ailene Gray

Ailene has a BA in Illustration from Falmouth University and has done storyboard work for mature students and directors, often selling a painting or two on the side. She is keen to get young people and students thinking about art, creating and culture as well as supporting creators to further their experience

Adipex To Buy Online

Marketing and Communications Associate

Liz Holley

Liz heads up all things marketing and communications here at BCA. With over ten years experience working in PR and communications for UK and European clients, Liz has worked across a variety of sectors, including: marketing, broadcast & film, technology, art, and music. Liz is also a singer-songwriter under the pseudonym Betty Frances.



Buy Valium Bangkok Airport

The Culture Challenge Co-ordinator

Jo Atherton

Jo is passionate about creative education and the benefits of community-led art. Her own creative practice sees her working with local schools alongside projects with the Natural History Museum and University of Cambridge. Jo has a BA in English, MA in Cultural & Critical Studies and brings over ten years experience as a web editor with the British Library and BAFTA.

Buy Xanax On The Internet

Office and Facilities Manager

Bex Foskett

Bex is our Office and Facilities Manager. Working previously at the King’s Head Theatre in London as Theatre Manager, Bex has worked for over 10 years with theatres in London and Edinburgh. Bex is also a trained dancer and aspires to work more closely with her local community, and become more involved in the arts in Bedford

Buy Diazepam Online Uk

Finance Manager

Maria Minett

As the Finance Manager here at BCA, Maria deals with all the invoices and accounts. She’s a Chartered Accountant and has worked both in audit and industry. When not at BCA she’s a full time Mum to two kids.

Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech

Our Trustees




David Morrall

Vice Chair

Richard Sobey


Sud Basu


Steven Mair


Alec East

Want to get involved? Buy Phentermine With Paypal