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A blog about folk

In her welcome message to our spring brochure (out soon!) Dawn talks about folklore: “the stories we tell about something that has happened… the arts that belong to us, the arts that are passed down through the generations – our music, our stories.” Our first two major projects for 2013 both explore this. Read more


Almanac Festival 2013

  A selection of Kristian Purcell’s drawings documenting Almanac 2013.   Lacemaker’s Lantern, Infinite29, Almanac February 2013. Photography Darren Marsh.   Cafe Almanac with Dominic From Luton, Aaron Head and Andy Holden, February 2013. Photography Darren Marsh    


Almanac Festival Part 2

Laced Words, Arabel Rosillo de Blas and Kathy Hinde, light and sound animation, Almanac Festival, Frbruary 2013 Photography Darren Marsh     We’re now less than 10 days away from the launch of our Almanac Festival, so it seems a good time to share some of the reasons why we’ve been working so hard to


Vocal Migrations, Kathy Hinde

For our autumn 2012 commission we worked with audio visual artist Kathy Hinde, developing a new work with local singers that combined live singing with electronically altered voices. The piece was inspired by how bats ‘echo-locate’ using sound to ‘see’ their surroundings. In collaboration with technologists, Kathy has created a new handheld device that uses


Tea and a Walk in a (Small) Field, Kezia Ruth

Our winter 2012 mini commission was won by Kezia Ruth and Ground Floor Coffee. Inspired by the Duchess of Bedford, inventor of afternoon tea, Kezia created Bedford’s largest cake, the centre piece of a ‘tea and a walk in a (small) field’ event at our February 2013 Almanac Festival. A mail art project and cake

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