Clubhouse in Queen’s Park


Clubhouse is an ongoing project exploring the potential of collaborative art-making, set on two streets in Queen’s Park, Bedford. For Spring and Summer 2018 we are delivering a creative programme during school holidays, developed in collaboration with the residents of the two streets and in partnership with The Higgins, Bedford.

The project’s roots began with In Situ Cinema by Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou. This pop-up filmmaking pilot project took place in summer 2016 on the two streets and was so successful that the artists returned in 2017 to develop the project further.

The result was Clubhouse – a year-long inter-generational filmmaking and creative programme co-created with lead artists Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou, the residents and our commissions producing team Annie Bacon and Emily Evans. 

Clubhouse is supported by a grant from money raised by HealthCourage through The Health Lottery, plus additional support from housing association bpha and Arts Council England.

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Maria Anastassiou

Maria Anastassiou is an artist/filmmaker who uses analogue and digital media in moving image, social practice and curatorial projects. Her work is informed by experimental ethnographic approaches to documentary and structuralist film traditions. She is interested in the form and function of the filmmaking process as an entry point into responding to place, narratives, communities, individuals and other artists.


Julie Myers

Julie's practice responds to people and places by combining digital media (sound, photography, film, text) with publicly sited installations. She looks for accessible, everyday ways that people make sense of their environment through memory, personal experience and the representation of stories. She is interested in the relationship between real and electronic space: in contemporary cartography, social practice, developing projects that enable material generated by local communities to be experienced in public space.

Previous Events

Clubhouse Night

An outdoor cinema experience, Clubhouse style.

Clubhouse Community Gardening

A day of free outdoor gardening activity for residents of all ages

Clubhouse Winter Activity

Creative workshops, socials and the promise of a re-match of the infamous Chester vs Carlisle football match

Clubhouse Half-Term Programme

During October half-term, residents from Chester and Carlisle Roads worked with the Clubhouse team to deliver a programme of activity for their neighbours.

Clubhouse at Queen’s Park Multicultural Parade and Carnival

Film-making and active citizenship project, Clubhouse, ventured off-site from Chester and Carlisle Roads, Bedford, to participate in the Queen’s Park Multicultural Parade, with a special Clubhouse photo booth.

Clubhouse Family Sports Day

Residents of Chester and Carlisle Roads, Bedford, hosted a Family Sports Day on their streets as part of our film-making and active citizenship project, Clubhouse. Transforming their communal green spaces into a sports trail, the Family Sports Day was an afternoon of fun, free and accessible sports activity for residents of all ages on the two streets.

Animating Environments in Queen’s Park

Following on from our In Situ Cinema project in Queen’s Park, Bedford in July 2016, we invited the residents of Chester and Carlisle Roads to join us and artist Maria Anastassiou in a second filmmaking project.

In Situ Cinema  

In July 2016 a group of young residents living in Bedford’s Queen’s Park took to their local streets in a film-making project about the place where they live. Over a period of four weekends they worked with artists Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou to explore their neighbourhood and create a magical and irreverent film about life on Chester and Carlisle Roads.

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